Introduction to Wallan, Melbourne Victoria

Wallan was a small village with only a few houses and a shop, but today it is known for the Hidden Valley Housing Development 1 kilometer to the north. Until 1997 this was a private farm, however it has now been developed as a residential estate with a golf course running through the middle.[

Driving north up the Hume Highway, at least a dozen large land sale signs whoosh past. There’s now more billboards for house and land packages than wildlife warning signs along this once-rural stretch of Victoria, about 50 kilometers north of Melbourne. The flat paddocks beyond the signs will soon be replaced by the same brick veneer houses and large garages the highway left behind 20 minutes earlier in Craigieburn.

As the outskirts of Melbourne continue to be swallowed by urban sprawl, Wallan is a country town adjusting to a future as the next suburb out. But with young families flocking to large houses in the neighborhood, drawn by affordability and a lingering country appeal, not everyone is welcoming the change. 

The Wellington Square Shopping Center, opened in 2004, includes many corporate franchise businesses (mainly Victoria’s biggest supermarket chain Safeway), creating competition for the already existing Coles Supermarket across the road.

This is a place where country charm and natural beauty comfortably rub shoulders with urban sophistication, creating something truly special. The vibrant township of Wallan is just minutes from your front door. There you’ll find interesting shops, major retailers and even cafés straight out of Brunswick.

Wallan Newbridge, Melbourne

Then there are the schools, sporting facilities and a range of amenities only found in an established, thriving community. Newbridge is supremely connected via the Hume Freeway and arterial roads, and with Wallan Railway Station only moments away, you can easily get to Melbourne’s CBD in just 40 minutes. Everything you could ever need is right here at Newbridge.

Everything comes together at Newbridge to offer contemporary living for you and your family for many years to come. It presents a ‘best of both worlds’ lifestyle that many dream about but few manage to attain. This is the place to be part of something bigger. To be everything you wanted to be. Connected. Active. Healthy. And happy.

Newbridge is more than a great place to live surrounded by rural beauty. It’s something much more precious. Newbridge is a real community filled with heart, soul and optimism. Artist Impression In these relaxed, tree-lined streets you’ll find a place where neighbors become lifelong friends and children grow up surrounded by a strong, tight-knit community. Newbridge is a place to put down roots, to grow and to prosper. A place where you can come to life in so many ways. The future is yours to make.

There is so much already at Wallan. For all its growth, it still manages to retain its country charm, unique identity and relationship with the land. To ensure that this delicate balance is maintained, and that the needs of future and current residents are met, significant planning and major projects are already in place.

Thanks to the Mitchell Shire and the Victorian Government, Wallan has much to look forward to over the coming years. Improvements have already started, with a major revitalization of the town center set to transform it into a more connected community hub. And at your doorstep, Newbridge will feature its very own Catholic primary school, sporting fields and community center.

Wallan Newbridge Construction

Getting a piece of Wallan House and Land

Newbridge Estate in Wallan isn’t just an amazing place to live. It’s surrounded by some of the fastest growing property prices in Australia.
At Tick Homes, we think one of the best things about owning your own pad is that fact that it’s an investment in your future. And in Newbridge Estate – an exciting community built by Resimax – it’s easy to see why.

Fastest Growing Suburb in Melbourne

The value of houses in the town of Wallan isn’t just rising – it’s shooting sky-high. Research from property data firm Corelogic has found that Wallan has the fastest growing property prices of any suburb in Australia.
Over the last year, the median value of properties in Wallan has grown by 46.8%. Pretty impressive, right? Imagine the value of your investment increasing by nearly half in just twelve months. Right now, in Wallan, houses are appreciating in value by the day. In 2013, Wallan’s median house price was $198,700. Five years on, this has skyrocketed to an extraordinary $533,062.

Wallan, A Place Of Zen And Convenience

Just 45km north of Melbourne’s CBD, Wallan is the perfect combination of rural charm and urban perks. Wallan is home to just over 11,000 people, and has the close-knit community vibe of a small country town. You’ll love its vibrant wildlife, bright open skies and the sight of the majestic Great Dividing Range.

It also sits on a train line and is only 40 minutes commute from city. This means you don’t need to choose between nature and nightlife – at Wallan you can have your cake and eat it too.

Newbridge Wallan Update on 2019 March

Wallan, A Place For Foreign Investment

Melbourne Center, South Bank, Richmond and even Docklands are not for capital gain investment anymore. These areas are thriving and progressing so much that property investment in these areas are mainly on rental return.

Prudent investors are now looking away from the map of Melbourne CBD towards the North and West, at least 30 kilometers away. As they now know capital growth is no longer as profitable as before. Melbourne rural suburbs are now popular in capital gain as Victoria government are focusing on the growth out of CBD and urban area.

Taking Werribee and Point Cook at the West and Mernda and Wollert to the North as example, these areas were the key focus for the past decade and their property price surged so much that the early bird buyers were more than satisfied to cash out their property gain for the past 2 years.

As Victoria, Melbourne continues to flourish, Government master plan now targets even further off the grid to more rural area for land usage while trying their best to preserve heritage and nature. Wallan is already the upcoming spot for capital growth and livability. Much untouched by men but yet the it is right on the transportation route from greater Melbourne into Melbourne City.

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